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Holistic healing short film “Stop Breathe Let Go” by Tiffany Bellinger will screen online for super fans and early supporters.

Brooklyn, NY, Release Date: February 25, 2019. For Immediate Release.

The online premiere of Tiffany Bellinger’s debut short film, “Stop Breathe Let Go,” will screen on the films website via Vimeo. “Stop Breathe Let Go,” recently screened at the Awareness and REEL Recovery Film Festivals in 2018.

“Stop Breathe Let Go,” explores the teachings of community healers, educators and mindfulness practitioners who provide a more holistic approach to heal from trauma, addiction and the stressors of everyday life.

Tiffany Bellinger mixes elements of animation, interviews and live footage to bring the story together.  “Stop Breathe Let Go,” features five different practices and interviews from Dr. Jamie Marich, Nikki Myers, Jordan Pagán, Atman Smith, Nick Boyiaztis and, Taganyahu Swao. The design and animation was created by Aaron Mcleod-Bryant and the film was directed and produced by Tiffany Bellinger.

In the blog post “How I Used An iPhone and Curiosity From A Personal Experience To Create My First Short Film,” Tiffany describes how she conceived the idea for “Stop Breathe Let Go.” Visit to view the post including two short videos.

“Taking a little time to explore holistic practices that help you unlock your true feelings is empowering.” – Tiffany Bellinger

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Contact info:

Name: Tiffany Bellinger


Phone: 917-525-3709